Egyptian Pyramids the historical place

If you hear somebody talks about Egypt along your way to college or wherever, what is the thing that is most likely comes across your mind? Pyramids! Egypt is known for its glorious style. Archaeologists believe that Egyptian pyramids were built as tombs for Pharaohs and their consorts during the old and middle kingdom periods. The very first pyramid that the archaeologists ever found was located in Saqqara, northwest of Memphis.

That is called Pyramid of Djoser which was presumably built in the third dynasty. Pyramid of Djoser was designed by Imhotep, he was a famous architect during the ancient time of Egypt. Egyptian pyramid of Djoser is considered to be the oldest, structured building the whole wide world.

If you ever think of having a nice vacation in Egypt and enjoying the scenery of it, there are several other places that houses Egyptian pyramids whose popularity has spread across the globe. Those places are Abu Rawash, Zawyet El-Aryan, Abu Sir, and Giza. This article will explain the beauty of those places and the Egyptian Pyramids which are located at each one of them.

Egyptian Pyramids best places in the world

The first is Abu Rawash. Abu Rawash is the most northerly Egyptian pyramid site which houses Pyramid of Djefere. Past archaeologists believed that the pyramid of Djefere was not completed. However, the recent technology proved that this building is actually completed and originally as big as Menkaure, one of the largest Egyptian pyramids.

The second is Zawyet El-Aryan. It is located in the middle of Giza and Abu Sir. However, the Egyptian Pyramid in this site is not finished yet. Experts believe that the unfinished building is belong to Pharaoh Nebka and Pharaoh Khaba. The experts also predicted that if the pyramids were finished they would be more than 40 meters tall.

The third is Abu Sir. Abu Sir is the biggest Egyptian Pyramid site housing more than fourteen pyramids. All of them were built similarly by using the same construction technique. The biggest pyramid among other fourteen in this site is called pyramid of Neferirkare Kakai which is almost 70 meters tall.

Egyptian Pyramids scenery

The last, and also the most popular Egyptian Pyramid site in Egypt is Giza. Giza is the location of Pyramid of Khufu, Pyramid of Khafre, Pyramid of Menkaure, and the Sphinx. Giza has been the most popular tourism destination because of its antiquity and the most preserved pyramids which make it one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

To sum it up, having a vacation in Egypt will not only please your eyes with its beautiful and glorious pyramids but also will give you proper knowledge of the oldest civilization in the whole world. Don’t forget to bring a considerable amount of sun screen lotion as Egypt, without a doubt, has rather harsh environment.

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Egyptian Pyramids the historical place

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