Guatemala is a country for those who love adventure and challenges. The southern part of this country is must be top listed on your next trip plan. It is so exotic and wild. The entertaining mountains, lakes, beaches and forests are the reasons to visit Guatemala.

Must Visited Places and Things to do

The first stop will be at Santa Maria Mountain. Visiting the mountain is a must if you are in Guatemala. It promises a stunning view. To reach the mountain you have 2 options, from Ipala and Pacaya. It is the safest way to hike the Santa Maria Mountain. Start the hiking from noon time to catch the lovely sunset and from the top of the mountain you can see an astonishing lava lake of Santiago mountain under Santa Maria Mountain.

Next is Semuc Champey. The place is not easily found in other countries. Semuc Champey means “holy water”. It is a pond that formed by some small ponds and painted by bright green color combination. The pond is finely a natural artwork that’s decorated by small waterfall and wildlife that perfectly surrounded by its tropical forest.

From Semuc Champey, the water slowly flows from the plateau of the underground river Cahabon which has a pond at the top that combines into a one stream along 400 meters flowing downward that makes the place is so exotic and wild.

pasific beach guatemala

Guatemala has a pacific ocean that stretch along the coastline. The sand is beautifully white and the sea is quite enough to hypnotize each one who visits the Pacific Beach. Even the sea is calm, but sometimes the wave can break apart the reef to many directions.

Watch a flock of Pelican that dances around while enjoying a fish barbecue or just having fresh tropical coconut water.

If you have more times, then you must to witness one of the most beautiful lakes in the world in Guatemala. It is called Atitlan Lake. Atitlan lake’s depth about 1,000 feet and surrounded by volcanic mountains. Atitlan means “At the water”. It is located in Guatemala highlands, a place of Maya Tribe civilization and the lake is also surrounded by many villages.

Explore the area and you will find orchards of coffee and avocado as well as corns and onion farm crops.

Last “minute” in Guatemala will be Antigua. Antigua is a city that you can find some old buildings from the time of Spain colonialism. Antigua today is a souvenirs center and other shopping centers. Antigua is the perfect place for photographers as well as shopaholic.