Lake Baikal so natural

Lake Baikal based on Russian language “Baygal Nur” has meaning of “Nature Lake”. This place is located in Russian region; exactly it is between the Irkutsk Oblast and Buryat Republic. Lake Baikal is known as the largest area in the world. Besides, this place has freshwater that really tease you to visit this place. Then, the depth of it is around 1,642 m and it has categorized in the deepest one.

Another impression of Lake Baikal; it is categorized in the clearest among others and also the oldest one. The water of this place contains from the combination of several lakes. This destination was formed as an ancient rift valley. Besides, you can find 1,700 species of animals and plants. Well, this place has much impressive part as great place. Furthermore, in 1996 this area was declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Based on tradition, Lake Baikal also called as Older Sister of Sister Lake. As much tradition in Russia, this place often became folk song by Russian. This is most interesting part. There is no active volcano, so you can visit Baikal anytime without worry feeling, Let’s enjoy your best moment there. If you love to photographs taken from this place, you will find dark rings with 2-7 kilometers diameter.

Spending your holiday in this place is the right choice. Here you can get freshwater and much attraction here. Moreover, fishermen and local residents is the best representative of scientific community.

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At Lake Baikal you will experience the real storm and the wave could be reached up to 5 meters. Wow, that’s so amazing wave. Besides, there is one river flow named the Angara. Enjoying the beautiful view and wave experience, you can rent Siberian adrenaline rush. So, you can enjoy your holiday by examine your adrenaline through challenging activities.

You may bring your family and friends to go. Lake Baikal also known as the one of most romantic places, here could be best destination for your honeymoon too.

Reaching Lake Baikal could be conducted by renting military jeep UAZ. Well, there are so many transportation rentals that make you easier to reach at  Baikal.

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Lake Baikal so natural

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