Leaning tower of pisa world best heritage

Another historical building that we can find in Italy is Torre di Pisa or Leaning Tower of Pisa that located in Tuscany, Italy. Before exploring the Tower of Pisa and its surrounding, maybe we need to know first the building history.

Historical Background about Leaning Tower of Pisa

Exterior of the leaning tower of pisaThe Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the 7 wonders of the world. For common people and it is a fact, they think that the building has been leaning time by time and finally will collapse. Some rumors said that each year the building tilts few millimeters to the ground.

Those are only rumors; Believe it or not, it spent 200 years to build the leaning tower of Pisa by 3 phases started from August 1173. After they started for long period, they found that the building was deviated for about 5 meters from where it was should be. That is why the tower called a “Leaning Tower”. However, the tower base has been adjusted by some engineers and building expert to some extends to make the tower stand still.Leaning tower of pisa world best heritage

Get Started

Strolling through the streets is the best way to visit the tower. Tuscany city center is not so big and in the same time you will enjoy the ambiance surround you.   It is a safe city, nothing to be worried about.Olympus digital camera

Torre Pendente

When you have arrived at Torre Pendente or Leaning Tower location, make your own tour. If you wish you can climb the leaning tower of Pisa after purchasing an entrance ticket. It needs effort to climb it. Think wisely before buying the ticket as they will not accept refund. However, if you decide to climb it then you will be rewarded a beautiful view of Tuscany. Otherwise, just have some photographs around the leaning tower of Pisa and visit some stalls around.Torre pendente

One thing you must remember that never buy anything from illegal sellers. They will insist you to buy. They easily get nervous even you say “No thank you”. Never say any words to them and just ignore whatever they said is the best by to avoid them. Besides, you will be penalized by Tuscan authority if they found you buying from them. They usually bring their things using sack. The safest way is buying from the stalls or shops around the tower.

Moreover, you can visit some other places after Pisa such as art gallery “Duomo di Pisa”, museum “Museo di San Matteo”, Battistero, and others historical buildings nearby.

Leaning tower of pisa

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