Lake Tahoe is located in the area of North America Mountains, between California and Nevada. It is one of the deepest lake with the depth around 989 feet. The beautiful view of Lake Tahoe attracts many people to visit and explore one of the biggest lakes in America.

Lake Tahoe was formed since long back ago. The water is clear like a crystal and during the winter, some area in there will not be freeze. So, just be careful when you walk on the lake as anything may happen. The “frozen” water sometimes is not actually as you see and you may found it in the water.lake-tahoe-best-sceneryUnlike the other lakes in the world, Lake Tahoe seems have the same weather all year round. Sometimes, we can see snow around the Tahoe even the weather is not so cold.

Lake Tahoe has some facilities for the traveler to enjoy the holiday there. Most tourists mainly doing ski as it is the main attraction in there. It is called a ski-car that we can ride to explore certain areas around Lake Tahoe. During summer at lake Tahoe, we can do hiking or cycling. We can also use a cable car to climb as high as 8,200 meter.things-to-do-at-lake-tahoe

Besides the lake, we can go to the nearest villages in Lake Tahoe. The villages are very wonderful and attractive. They are well arranged, neat and comfortable to stay in. Some villages in this place that we may visit are Truckee, Squaw Valley and Northstar. Each village has its unique characteristic. Like Truckee as an example, it is a historical place in America. It is a traditional village and there are many artists and art galleries.squaw-valley

Different with Truckee, Squaw Valley is a village that has many resorts for people to spend their holiday, shopping, playing ski and others. Between Truckee and Squaw Valley there is Northstar village. Northstar village is located in remote area and the perfect place for those who like quite and calm place to relax with mountain background, drinking coffee on roadside or exploring the flora and fauna there.

Shore of Lake Tahoe