Chamonix Mont Blanc means White Mountain with never ending white glaciers and snow field. In the Alps it is the highest mountain and with Western Europe as well. One of the interesting thing you should know about Mont Blanc, its height changes from year to year, it depends on the depth of its snow cap. With no elevation it is situated from Servoz to Barbering from the Swiss border. 

Mont Blanc is not in ski area but it in town which became the world capital for mountain and made the world best resort. This mountain is under the ice and snow which contains the feet about 15,720 and it is away from the snow capped summit about 140 feet. By Jacque Balm at and Michel Packard he was the person who had climb on Mont Blanc mountain.

Chamonix Mont Blanc winter scenery

After that Marie Paradise who was the first women who has climbed Mont Blanc. After that every year over 20,000 people climb on this mountain. If you want to climb this mountain so you should got the Voie Royale route which is the most famous route. After that in year 1990 Pierre Andre Gobbet climbs this mountain which takes only 5 hours 10 minutes and 40 seconds. At the top of Mont Blanc mountain scientific observatory was built.

It was registers on January 18th with lowest temperature about -43 degrees centigrade. Besides that Jacuzzi part was also thrown also for that hot tub was carried by 20 people on the top. Each person can carry 45 pounds equipments. The function of the hot tub is work in the cold air and with that high altitude as well. It is so much beautiful that it is famed by a romantic poet Percy Bushel Shelley who visited in July 1816.

Chamonix Mont Blanc in summer

He was inspired by this mountain and had written poem Vale of Chamonix. Over all if you want some adventure in your life and if you love mountain climbing so you should visit this Mont Blanc and should climb it. It is a very good place to visit. From near you will see the beautiful landscape and view.

Chamonix Mont Blanc so amazing

Chamonix Mont Blanc in winter

Chamonix Mont Blanc inside

Chamonix Mont Blanc best photo

Chamonix Mont Blanc world best destination