Skiing in the Alps - Ski Resort France
Skiing in the Alps - Ski Resort France

Skiing in the Alps is a popular holiday plan with great resorts in France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. There’s a wonderful mix of exciting sport activities, magical scenery and charming villages that become a perfect place for anyone traveling solo, in group or with the whole family.

Skiing In The Alps During The Holidays

Skiing in the Alps - Skiing in Italy
Skiing in Italy

December is the month that establishes the transition to winter. The days are really short with sunrise around 8 AM and sunset around 4:45 PM. The first half is just like November. Usually, the winter ought to set in during the second half. Nevertheless snowfall tends to begin later due to global warming. There’s no guarantee that you’ll enjoy a white Christmas, but still common in the high mountains.

The fact is that it’ll be a low season until mid-December. When Christmas Is around the corner, the atmosphere will get energetic and the best winter sports resorts open up. The two weeks around Christmas and New Year are the most visited weeks for the Alps each year.

The Place For Sophistication And Fine Dinning

Skiing in the Alps - Megève

Sparkling boutiques, restaurants and hotels line the town square and ancient cobbled streets of Megève, France, and with the annual Swarovski Christmas tree shining; it’s the embodiment of elegance and sophistication.

Skiing in the Alps - Megève Panoramic View
Megève Panoramic View

The Megève’s slopes are wide, with mainly gentle pitches and lots of tree-lined runs for low-visibility days. There are three central ski areas: Rochebrune, Mont d’Arbois and quiet Le Jaillet. Tourist can reached them by taking different cable cars from town.

A Peaceful Vacation

Skiing in the Alps - Obergurgl

Obergurgl, located in Austria, is one of the highest ski villages in not only the Alps but also Europe. It’s set at 1,930m at the end of the Ötztal valley, right near Innsbruck. It’s considered Austria’s most snow-sure non-glacial resort, which makes the the country’s most reliable resort for snow over a season that begins in mid‑November.

Skiing in the Alps - Ski Resort in Obergurgl
Ski Resort in Obergurgl

This traditional village is a favorite for families. It has little traffic and the slopes are perfect for beginners and improving intermediates. There is late afternoon dancing on tables in some of the mountain restaurants and anyone going there cannot miss the tasty pizzas made in a wood-fired oven.

A Destination For Adventurous Souls

Skiing in the Alps - Monterosa

A place for expert skiers in Italy, Monterosa is found beneath the mighty Monterosa massif, which divides Italy from Switzerland, and stretches over three valleys with one small resort in each place: Champoluc, Gressoney and Alagna.

Skiing in the Alps - Monterosa in the Morning
Monterosa in the Morning

The main attraction for those looking for a challenge in the Alps is a cable car that goes to the area’s high point, Punta Indren, at 3,275m. Champoluc is a lovely village, with a gorgeous landscape, a naturally Italian laid-back atmosphere. From the village there’s a gondola that takes people up to Crest, where the slopes for beginners are situated.

A Picture-Perfect Christmas

Skiing in the Alps - Zermatt

Switzerland’s Zermatt is a great place with views of the world’s most photogenic mountain, the Matterhorn, and lovely chalets. During the holidays, visitors can feel Christmas in the air with horse-drawn sleighs, beautiful shop windows and chestnut and glühwein stalls.

Skiing in the Alps - Mont Cervin Palace at Night in Zermatt
Mont Cervin Palace at Night in Zermatt

This place has long and satisfying runs for skiers on an intermediate level. There are three lift stations, which takes visitors to different parts of the mountain, including the Gornergrat railway, the Sunnegga funicular, and the Furi gondola, located more than half a mile from the station.

Make Your Reservations Early

Skiing in the Alps -The Alps during Christmas
The Alps during Christmas

The best advice for anybody that wants to spend a great time during the ski season in the alps, is to book early, particularly for the busiest week, and take advantage of the best prices and special offers from some travel operators.

If you are thinking on traveling during the mid or low season, keep in mind that due to the period of Christmas and Easter, there are going to be fewer weeks that’ll be considered off-peak. Just remember to make your reservations a week or two in advance, instead that only a few days prior to your trip.