Prince Edward Island is one of the best places and best panorama that you can find in Canada. The Prince Edward Island is the smallest province in Canada. The name is taken from Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Stratheam, the fourth son of King George III or the father of Queen Victoria.

fresh atmosphere at prince edward islandThe capital of Prince Edward Island is Charlottetown. That is about 170 mil length. In 2006, the population in there was 138,500 peoples and 32,000 peoples were living in the capital city. Most of the citizens are very young. Their age is about 25 years old.nature beauty at prince edward island

Although Prince Edward Island is seems so quite, however, during summer time, it becomes a crowded area as many visitors surround this place or from abroad visit this place to enjoy the beautiful vistas at each corner of Prince Edward Island.

prince edward island visitorsPrince Edward Island attracts many visitors for its beautiful and clean beach, clean and good weather. It really helps you to refresh from your busy days. In North and West part of the beach you will find a modern windmill to generate energy. Once you reached the windmill, you will get a ribbon as a symbol that you have visited Prince Edward Island. Don’t forget to visit Green Gables city that offers a great green view. Half of the city is planted by some trees and agriculture.

prince edward island restaurants charlottetown The other thing you must do in Prince Edward Island is Lobster culinary and other sea foods in nearby restaurants. They offer fresh fishes and the price is not so expensive. Once you enter the restaurant, the waiter or waitress will give you an apron made from plastic and a bucket for your lobster wastes. prince edward island restaurantThen after the lobster is totally cleaned you can eat it with a melted butter. The lobster age offered is about 10-12 years old for the weight of 456 grams. If you want, you can find a 40 kg lobster that lived for 40 years.

prince edward island coral

prince edward island scenery

prince edward island so lovely

prince edward island the smalest island

sunrise at prince edward island

the whole area of prince edward island


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