Australia is not only famous with its icon like Opera House or the kangaroos only but the country also has a beautiful and unique area which is called Hillier Lake.

Hillier Lake is located in the Middle Island, West Australia. The place can really pamper your eyes. The name “Hillier” is taken from the place itself for its beauty for the pink color water.

The uniqueness of the color is the main reason why many tourists interested to visit the area closer; although it is not the only unique area in the world. You have similar place like Retba and Salt Lake in San Francisco Bay that have the same color.

awesome scenery at Hillier Lake

Initially, the place was founded by a British navigator and Hydrograph, Matthew Flinder in 1802. That he hiked the highest point in the Middle Island to make observation for the water there. Once he reached the top of Middle Island or today is known as Flinder peak, he found the Hillier Lake.

Hillier Lake is located in the middle of the forest and only can be viewed from the sky. Or else, you can explore through the islands by boat from Esperance. Along the trip to there, you can see the wildlife in Recherche Archipelago area.

Hillier Lake is about 600 meter and surrounded by paperbark and eucalyptus trees. There is a sand hill on the edge of the place and shaded trees that separates the hillier from the ocean.

inside the Hillier Lake

The pink color of the Hillier Lake is natural or it is not affected by lights or any other things. If you take some water and put it in the glass, the color will remain the same.

Till date, no single expert in the world can give a scientific explanation about the place or how the color is pink. They only just make hypothesizes about it. Some of them believed that the color is affected by the result of Dunaliella salina and Halobacteria organisms that they found in the water and some of them said that the pink color of the Hillier Lake comes from the red Halophilic bacteria.

Whatsoever their claims are, Hillier Lake is still very beautiful to see along with the surrounded wildlife.

Hillier Lake the pink water

Hillier Lake australia so unique

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rainbow at Hillier Lake

the whole area of Hillier Lake