Makah beauty in night

Makkah the Holly City of Muslims

I don’t know why people spell it as MECCA, although the ONLY correct is spelling is MAKKAH.  So, let us use the correct one from now. There is a place that has a billion of visitors...
borobudur largest temple

Borobudur Temple Best Historical Places in Indonesia

One of the 7 wonders of the world is located Indonesia.  It is “Borobudur Temple” or – in Indonesian – Candi Borobudur.  Its place is near Magelang City of central Java province. Borobudur is...
athens best scenery ever

Athens the Best Historical Places

Once we hear the name, maybe you will imagine it is an old-fashioned city like you watch in some movies.  Indeed, it has plenty historical stories and mystery in the capital city of Greece. ...

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