Boating at whitehaven beach

Whitehaven beach is the most beautiful and popular beach in Australia. Whitehaven beach located in northern part of Whitsunday Island, Queensland, the biggest island of Whitsunday islands. This beach length is about 7 kilometers. The sand is very white and shiny. The white soft sand of Whitehaven beach contains of 98% silica that can be used as for Hubble telescope lens material.

Boating at whitehaven beachOn the northern part of Whitehaven, there is a beautiful bay where its high tide that moves the white sand and creates a wonderful color combination. The stunning white sand of Whitehaven beach is the result of Great Barrier Reef shattered as hits by waves for million years.

As the most beautiful beach in Australia and even one of the stunning beaches in the world, Whitehaven beach always crowded by some visitors that come from each corner of the world.Whitehaven beach visitors

Whitehaven has a great natural combination for its flora and fauna. The most activity done by many visitors are diving. The beach has a beautiful coral reefs as well as colorful sea creatures. In addition, there is an annual event that held in Whitehaven beach. Every year, there is a swimming competition for the distance of 2 kilometers. Interest with the event?Sunbathing at whitehaven beach

Whitehaven white sand is very unique. The sand is heat proof, even how hot the weather is. Visitors can walk with barefoot as long as they like without feeling hot. Whitehaven beach was selected the most clean beach in Australia. Visitors are not allowed to smoke on the beach. Other activities other than diving are snorkeling and boat tour.Snorkelling at whitehaven beach

Meanwhile, there is a trip offered by many tourism services to explore the Whitsunday Island to have the complete holiday. One of the most attractive places to visit is Heart Reef. It is a heart shape of coral clusters. The locals provide flight service for tourists as Heart Reef will be more wonderful if you see it from the sky.

The Whitsundays islands and Whitehaven beach are the perfect place for couple holiday or even it will be the most memorable for your wedding ceremony.

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