Yuejin lantern festival
Yuejin Lantern Festival

Tainan, officially known as Tainan City, is a city located on the southwest coast of Taiwan. It is the oldest city in the country and was the capital of Taiwan during the Qing dynasty. It is the birthplace of Taiwan since the development and emergence of Taiwan started from here hundreds of years ago.

Downtown tainan
Overview Of Tainan

Nowadays Tainan boasts many attractions and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Let’s check in out.

Historical Tainan

Tainan city temple
Statue From The Tainan City Temple

As an ancient city, Tainan has many historical sites and relics with captivating stories that relate to the country’s culture and heritage. The city has one of the oldest histories in Taiwan and is home to many important historical sites.

Great queen of heaven temple
The Great Queen Of Heaven Temple

The Great Queen of Heaven temple is a must visit, with architecture dating back to the 1600’s! The site was a former palace and has undergone many changes since.

Local Cuisine

Tainan noodle dish
A Traditional Noodle Dish

With a diverse metropolis culture and lifestyle, the city also has an array of culinary options including local traditional and international food.

Tainan marketplace
City Marketplace With Food Vendors

Foodies would go crazy seeing the variety of street foods available throughout the city. They not only provide delicious local dishes, but also affordable eating options.

Parks And Local Sites

Fort zeelandia
Fort Zeelandia

Tainan does a great job interweaving it’s history with the natural landscape. It poses stunning green fields, parks, lakes, and mountains. Fort Zeelandia was built hundreds of years ago and offers a great tourist attraction for those interested in history and nature.

Tainan park
Tainan Park

The best time to visit is during the dry season (October through March) when the temperature is relatively low, and the weather is dry.

Festivals And Events

Yuejin lantern festival
Yuejin Lantern Festival

This historic city is also a home to many traditional festivals, in fact the most festivals held in Taiwan are held in this city. Thousands of Taiwanese, as well as tourists from around the world, join these highly anticipated ceremonies.

The yensheui beehive festival
The Beehive Festival

The Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival is one of the more popular festivals in Tainan. It is unique in that the fireworks are lit to burst out of a tower all at once, resembling a swarm of bees. The festival is not only mesmerizing, but can even be a bit dangerous making it appealing for thrill seekers.

Taiwan lantern festival
Yuejin Lantern Festival Lantern Exhibit

Another great festival is the Yuejin Lantern Festival. This event is held every Chinese New Year, where locals celebrate by lighting up the skies with lanterns of various shapes and designs. Another must for tourists visiting this time of the year.

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