We have some wonderful places in the world and some of them are listed in the world 7 wonders, like temple, building and others. The 7 wonders are known because the geographical structure or the shape.

But there is a well known place that not only caused by the location but also it is acknowledged because the variety and the uniqueness of the fauna on that place. The place is called Galapagos Islands.

Galapagos Islands are a “missing” place on earth. If you are going to see some unique animals or to see the animals that have been available from million years ago, then you can meet them in there. The great thing in Galapagos Island is everything is unique and you will not find it anywhere else outside the island.

all about Galapagos islands

Galapagos Islands were formed by volcanic eruptions. You can see that many areas on the island are covered by the volcanic eruptions. Galapagos Islands have 13 main islands and 3 small one.

The main and the biggest island in Galapagos is Bartholomew, Darwin, Espanola, Fernandina, Floreana, Genovesa, Isabela, Marchena, North Seymor Island, Pinzon, Pinta, Rabida, San Cristobal, Santa Cruz, Santa Fe, Santiago, and Wolf. While the other 3 small islands are Daphne Major, Plaza Sure and the last one is an island without name.

Galapagos has some unique and rare animals like Galapagos turtles, marine iguana, Albatros birds and much more unique animals that you may not find in other places.

the turtle at Galapagos islands

As information only, Galapagos Islands were visited and observed by Charles Darwin when he made a Beagle expedition. Darwin was impressed for the Galapagos flora and fauna and he made it as a theory of evolution concept.

The most complete species you can find in Espanola Island. The reason is Espanola Island is the oldest island among the other islands. It is about 3.5 million years. It is not easy to reach Espanola Island and this is why the nature there is untouchable.

Tourists can have a safari tour in Galapagos Islands. You will some weird animals but unique and beautiful. Besides, you can do scuba diving. The underwater view is truly wonderful.

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