Amsterdam is one of beautiful cities in Europe. Maybe this is the reason why Amsterdam is the main target for many tourists after Paris, Rome, and London.

The city – geographically – is flat. It is not like other cities in Europe. You will not find hills in Amsterdam city. If you want to explore this place, you can do it by walking only. The city is very friendly for pedestrians. Exploring the area by walk is the best idea to enjoy the view. There has many places to be explored by walk.

However, the city is also offering public transportation that will cost you nothing and even you can have a free transportation. For a free transportation, Amsterdam prepares more than 700,000 bicycles waiting for you. You can start cycling from anywhere and stop at any places. Bicycle stations are provided on some area in the area.

 amsterdam most beautiful city in europe

Amsterdam has many museums and monuments that close to each other. This place has 42 museums and 7,000 monuments. Collect them all in your camera if you want.

You can see the priceless works of Hals, Vermeer, Rembrandt, and other famous artists in the Rijks Museum, the famous museum in there.

It is not far from Rijks Museum, there is another museum that displays the masterpiece of Van Gogh. Moreover, for some contemporary and modern arts, paintings and ceramic artworks, you can visit the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art.

When you are visiting Amsterdam during summer time – between July and August – you will see the wonderful view of Tulip flowers, daffodils and other flowers. During summer, this place becomes a flower city.

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Still in the summer time, enjoy canal attraction by having a boat tour. The canal is about 100 kilometers. Having a boat tour is another way to enjoy the city view. During winter, the canal becomes freeze and becomes a sport place for ice-skating.

Enjoying your holiday in Amsterdam will get 2 benefits. First, you will have a memorable and beautiful holiday and the second one, you will not spend much money. In Amsterdam you can stay in the hostel with less $70. For food or dining, you will be satisfied to have a delicious food with less than $ 15.

Nice view, rich of culture as well as the history are the reason for you to visit Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a great city for holiday that will cost you nothing.

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