Mont tremblant

Located in Québec, set in the Laurentian Mountains, northwest of Montréal, the municipality of Mont-Tremblant is a magnificent year-round destination that features celebrated winter sports, wonderful golf courses and a very chic shopping village. For the outdoor adventurers it has forested hiking trails and beautiful lakes. See year around images and activities below to help plan your next trip!

Mont tremblant (Mont-Tremblant)
The village is located at the foot of a mountain called Mont Tremblant, a name that comes from local Algonquins who referred to it as the “trembling mountain”.

Mont tremblant panorama from the top (Mont-Tremblant)
It’s considered a pedestrian village that it’s divided into two sections: An upper and a lower area.

Mont tremblant village seen from top (Mont-Tremblant)
The village is located right in the center with gives visitors and locals a quick and easy access to all of its main attractions.

Mont tremblant people in line (Mont-Tremblant)
The upper area of Mont-Tremblant offers a convenient access to the top of the mountain thanks to an open lift-style gondola called The Cabriolet.

Mont tremblant clock tower at mont tremblant resort (Mont-Tremblant)
The clock tower is a true Tremblant landmark, that is located right at the entrance of the pedestrian town and it’s surrounded by comfortable and spacious condos.

Mont tremblant (Mont-Tremblant)
It has colorful buildings, exquisite bistros, exclusive boutiques and art galleries.

Mont tremblant (Mont-Tremblant)
This jewel of Québec is also the place for one of a kind festivals and a wonderful summer market.

Tremblant city and lake (Mont-Tremblant)

There are lakes perfect for canoeing and forested hiking trails for outdoors adventures in the summer and fall.

Mont tremblant skiing tremblant (Mont-Tremblant)
During the winter, it’s a wonderful destination for ice skating or alpine skiing.

Mont tremblant fall colors of mont tremblant (Mont-Tremblant)
North of town is located the expansive Mont-Tremblant National Park which turns into quite the spectacle every fall thanks to its colorful foliage.

Mont tremblant mttremblant village dusk (Mont-Tremblant)

The picturesque scenery makes this travel destination a picture perfect image, similar to a European ski town.

Mont tremblant station mont tremblant (Mont-Tremblant)

Thanks to the peace and tranquility that offers, it’s a perfect place not only to visit but also to live.