Buenos aires
Buenos Aires

One of the best destinations in South America is Buenos Aires. The capital of Argentina is one of the most populous and the largest city in the Latin-American nation. This cosmopolitan town is known for its rich culture, historic landmarks and all kinds of festivals, that makes it a premium choice to visit this time of the year.

The Perfect Time To Travel To Buenos Aires

The city is south of the equator which means that the seasons are in reverse. Meanwhile everybody in the northern hemisphere is getting ready to receive the cold winter, Buenos Aires is enjoying the beauty of spring.

Buenos aires jacaranda
Buenos Aires – Jacarandá

October, November and December are great months to travel because the weather is warm and tourists get a chance to get out and enjoy the beaches. Also, the Jacaranda trees are in bloom which makes for a spectacular view, alongside 1,000 varieties of colorful roses at the Rose Garden Walk.

Enjoy The Beauty Of Palermo

Buenos aires palermo
Palermo Restaurant

This neighborhood is divided into different sub-districts and it’s considered the city’s beating heart. Here visitors can enjoy spending time in several speakeasies and clubs, burger joints and craft breweries, and sophisticated bars.
Other places where tourist can have a great time are Retiro with its hip bar scene, Almagro the favorite among tango aficionados, and San Telmo’s Avenue Caseros, a wonderful “barrio” for foodie’s from all over the world.

The Charms of Tigre

Buenos aires tigre
Buenos Aires Tigre

This lovely and vibrant town, located just 17.5 miles (28 km) north of Buenos Aires Centre, is on the shore of the exotic Parana Delta. It’s just a train ride away and is a great place to visit on a full day tour or even a half-day tour. Tourist can take a tour through the islands of the Tigre Delta, wander around the charming town, or have fun on the rollercoaster at the Parque de la Costa amusement park.

Buenos aires canales tigre
Buenos Aires Tigre Channels

Visiting Tigre is quite simple, you just have to hop on the Buenos Aires Railway (the Mitre Line), which departs regularly from Retiro and, 40 minutes of travel later, you will arrive in Tigre.

Football and Tango

Buenos aires la boca
La Boca

One of the most colorful neighborhood is La Boca. This place is tantamount with both tango and football. With its multi-colored houses and taverns, the “barrio” stays true to its tango tradition, football obsession, and Italian heredity.

Buenos aires la bombonera
La Bombonera

La Boca is one of the major cultural centers and tourist attractions in the Capital. Tourist can have fun taking a walking tour, enjoying a Football/Soccer game at the legendary stadium “La Bombonera” or learn a step or two in a local tango show.

The Elegance of Puerto Madero

Buenos aires puerto madero
Buenos Aires – Puerto Madero

This waterfront neighborhood is the most contemporary part of the city. With soaring glass skyscrapers, chic restaurants and hip nightclubs, Puerto Madero is the trendiest place to be at. After the city government remodeled the old docks that were part of the port, it created the opportunity for a a safe, beautiful area for leisure and luxury living. Not only is one of the must-see tourist attractions of Buenos Aires but it’s also the most important business centre.

Getting to Buenos Aires

Buenos aires aeropuerto
Buenos Aires Aeropuerto

This destination is well-connected and easy to access, with two international airports, two coach stations, port and cruise terminal. There are two international airports that connect with flights from all over the world.

Buenos aires puerto
Buenos Aires Puerto

There are also regular ferry services between the Argentinean capital, Montevideo and Colonia de Sacramento in Uruguay. Also, different cruise lines make a stop in Buenos Aires, which is why the city’s cruise terminal one of the most important in the continent.