What we can call to this beach? Bora-Bora or what? Both Matira beach and Bora-bora are created for serving travelers with a good service. They cannot be separated because Bora-bora is the one of Matira island. It is located in France at the South Pacific. This island is considered as romantic white sand.

Not all of the beaches have complete service as this magic beach has. Although there is no public transportation in Matira Beach, but you can rent a car, scooter, and a bicycle. Keep walking around teaches us how awesome the God creation to make us to grateful to him.all-about-matira-beach

Here you can enjoy the clean water and the beauty of panorama under the water.

How to get there?

Some travelers will ask this question frequently when they want to visit. No worries guys. Think that you are in luxury holiday in which all best service serves your life while in Matira Beach. You need to book your plane flight from Nearest Major International Airport to Papeete.papeete-people

This flight will take just 7 hours and 30 minutes from Los Angeles. Open your eyes slowly when you arrive there and feel that you are coming to the beach heaven. Celebrate your anniversary party there while preparing budget only. As has mentioned before that this heaven beach has luxury service to make you happy in your traveling.papeete-airport

Flight from Los Angeles to Bora Bora’s tiny airport gives you different interesting scenery while landing. Look at islands from the sky likes we are holding it and bring back to home.

Care of the temperature while there is the one of big thing that need to be decided perfectly in order to avoid too hot and too cold temperature.

Matira Beach Accommodation

matira-beach-accommodationMost of the hotels are traditional design. Fresh and clean traditional hotel will spoil us with good service with much facilities.

We can find spa and some traditional food festival too. Booking or come directly is based on your wish. Enjoy the Matira Beach sunset in afternoon makes your body fresh and calm.



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